If you’re into marijuana, why don’t you become a committee member?

This pertinent question has equal relevance to all those who choose not to vote when critical elections on all levels loom. These are the folks who seem to suggest that there is just no point in voting because whatever the outcome it is a case of; same old, same old, and life carries on pretty much the same as it always used to be. No progress seems to be made and your life is not bettered, or so some of you seem to think. If you bothered to show up at the polls come election time, you would have been at the cusp of making progress in your own life.


Your vote does count, and when you place your ballot in the box, you are already an active member in the democratic process. You now have a legitimate voice. Even if you still think you are, you are no longer marginalized. You can now turn to your elective representative and say; hey, I’m watching you, remember why I voted you in in the first place. And if you’re not doing what you’re mandated to do, well, guess what, next time after election day you may as well make your way to the unemployment line.

While you are waiting for your laggard counselor or representative to take up the cause of legalizing the use of marijuana on your behalf, you may as well sign up as a committee member. What’s the use of sitting idly on your hands? You become just as bad as your loathsome counselor. And if you have the good and proper and ways and means attitude, you’ll be saying to yourself; if you want something done, you may as well do it yourself. Such sentiments are not all bad. It’s just one stepping stone towards making progress.

The legalization of marijuana understandably needs careful consideration before being finally put to the vote on the representative side. It is a slow, but not arduous, process. History has shown that it does take years. But through your active participation, progress will always be made, somehow or another. If you feel compelled to stay away from such committees and resultant meetings, you can always become a social media activist. And does it need reminding that in this space you still need to exercise responsibility.

Don’t’ go out there venting your spleen, quite literally, under the influence. Rather compile your thoughts rationally and in a fair and balanced manner and base your comments on facts and not fallacies. While doing so, you still need to consider the rights and concerns of others, ethnic, cultural, minority, majority or otherwise. This is why your elected representatives do have a tendency to take their time. They are not just working on your behalf; they also need to take into account those who remain steadfastly opposed to the legalization of marijuana. But your committee participation could  positively influence them in your favor.